Dragan turns 40 on September 22, so when asked what he wanted to do, he suggested we fly to Hong Kong to visit his brother, and maybe add on a few days somewhere in Asia. 

Hong Kong is an AMAZING city and it’s also the most expensive city in the world. It’s like NYC on crack. The skyline is so huge it takes my breath away. Honestly, it just keeps GOING. My understanding is that most expats are brought there with housing contracts included as apts can easily go for 15,20,30,40 thousand a month. The astonishing thing is that because the city is so expensive, you can find a multi million dollar apartment next to a family dwelling where 12 people share a room. 

Our trip was fairly quick and we mostly just wanted to spend time with the family, but we saw some amazing things as well. We went to Stanley market where we found some amazing things to being home and we walked though markets in the city center. Most of all, we spent time with family and our nieces! 

Here are some pics!!! 

This is the view from Marcia and Zjelko’s(Dragan’s older brother) home! 

We got caught in the rain on our run so we found a cafe and warmed up with a cup of delicious coffee. 
Stanley market! 

My own personal hair stylist, she braided my hair everyday! 

Some people commute on this escalator walkway…..longest in the world. You can commute over 30 minutes on it! 

Like my sunglasses? They were only 4 dollars!!!Taking in the interesting goods for sale…..Dried squid is definitely NOT my thing! What a crazy city. The colors!!!! Amazing! 

On our last night, we had Dragan’s birthday dinner. Wonderful night! goodby Hong Kong! 

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Biking life is big in Amsterdam. I mean, we all know that, but until you’ve actually visited, it’s really hard to grasp what that really means. Biking life in Amsterdam is also chaotic. Big time chaotic, and one of the great wonders of my life at the present, is how it all works and how more people aren’t getting in severe accidents. It’s mind blowing, really.

Around Wednesday of last week, we decided we needed to go to Bruges for a night. Keep in mind, Bruges is a 2.5 hour drive for us, so it’s super close and actually a bit of a shame that we hadn’t yet gone. It’s always interesting in Europe how a 2 hour drive can take you to what feels like another world. I love that, and one day if I leave Europe, I will certainly miss it. So, anyway, we decided to make the trek and now I can state with certainty that I love that city and I will be tempted to go once a month.

I was surprised after arriving in Elounda, Crete to discover that right across the water, there was a beautiful island with a turbulent past. I first spotted the island from our room, seeing old ruin looking buildings on an island in the middle of the sea, and upon asking the hotel staff, discovered the island is called Spinalonga and was one the main leper colony in Greece from 1903-1957. What?!?! That’s like something straight out of Biblical times.

We’ve been having a perfect little vacation here in Greece. I wake up every morning and I’m in awe of the sheer magnitude and beauty of this unspoiled terrain. Then, I get on Facebook and the political situation gets me down, so I have to turn off my phone. Haha! 

Anyway, a few days ago, we took a day trip to Agios Nikolaos, and it was really lovely. The town is reminiscent of Venice, with the architecture and I honestly felt we were in Italy.

 While surrounded by the sea, the little city also has a deep lake, called “Voulismeni” right in the middle. According to Geeek mythology, the goddess Athena used to bathe in the waters. It’s a very interesting thing to see, as you can certainly spot the difference in the waters. Here you can see the lake directly behind me and past the bridge is the opening to the sea. From speaking to the waiters at our lunch spot, the lake is extremely deep, leading me to believe that there are monsters and creatures I cannot imagine lurking in its depths. 🙂 We can only hope! The second picture down gives a slightly better view of the color of the lake vs the color of the sea behind. 

Basically we arrived, walked around and then got to eating some incredible Greek ‘gyros’ (which are essentially like kebabs i.e pork or chicken wrapped in a traditional pita bread). Besides, I swear the feta cheese here comes straight from heaven. I’m eating feta with everything, at each meal. We found a really great place right on the lake. 

After lunch we walked along the cliffs that hover over the lake, and it provided some wonderful views. 

Everywhere throughout Crete, men look strong as if they were conceived to lift heavy weights, and the women are beautiful in such an effortless way…. I know I’m staring ;). The waiters all appear to have nothing to worry about in the day but to make sure you are happy and then sitting down to have a cigarette until needed again. The cab drivers are big, handsome, older Greek men who sit and smoke while reading the paper until approached for a ride. Even then, they get up as though there is not a care in the world and they manage to appear that the work is just incorporated into their day they already have planned and are enjoying. 

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Today we arrived in Crete, Greece. We desperately need this trip as Dragan has been working crazy hours for the past 6 weeks and we have not had any quality time together; in fact we’ve had virtually no time together at all. The trip in itself has been slightly stressful as we weren’t fully prepared. We tend to take advantage of opportunities that often arise last minute and then we are in a full on flutter. But, now, we are here, in paradise. The Greek Islands are so special to me as the history is vivid, the people are warm, and the landscape is breathtaking. I never really thought I would come to places like this, and I feel very lucky. 
That being said, last night we were finishing packing, and we heard of the terror sweeping through Nice, in Dragan’s home country. Today we traveled with a heaviness in our hearts. I feel such sadness I have to remind myself to breathe and then I feel fear and anger.  I’m just so tired of hearing this news and I’m angry that the terrorists keep charging ahead at full speed and I feel helpless. I’m sad for what’s happening in our world. I’m frightened of the evil we face and which we witness now far too regularly.

I walked along the beach today, and I will write more about it tomorrow as there is much to say; but I wandered along the shores of this land whose civilization has battled good vs evil for thousands of years…… and I felt overcome. The world seems filled with grief, and at the same time it exudes such beauty. I wish we could all stop and see the beauty so our hearts could be filled with wonder and our minds with wisdom.

Happy Monday. Monday Shmunday! 🙂 I arrived back here a week ago, and coming back to Europe always takes a few weeks to readjust, to remind myself that I live here, that this is my real life. It’s easy for Amsterdam to feel like vacation, and as I haven’t lived here long, it feels, still, incredibly foreign to me.

One of the best things for me to do is to write, but at times I struggle sitting down to do it. I touched upon part of the reason in my last post, and that is very real. I struggle with WHAT I should be writing, of the 1000’s of topics floating in my head, I wonder which direction to take, as the world seems crazier and crazier by the day. People are so fueled by their emotions that they seem to latch onto any cause to feel good about themselves, whilst often spewing hatred via the internet. So, other than that distraction, which is for me a distraction because the argumentative side of me wants to literally comment on so many posts, “okay…lets stop being emotional and think practically and look at facts”, or “okay….lets take that propped up headline that is making everyone crazy and look at the actual events that are behind it and apply LOGIC.” Anyone else? So, because I do not want to argue via social media and because all of this causes me anxiety, I’m working a lot on being present in my day to day life. I’m trying to focus on taking in and seeing the world around me.

I’ve taken some time away from writing, to gather myself and my thoughts. I wonder at times, what I’m called to write about and how I continue to pursue that about which I am passionate. Honestly, the world has me wondering these things as everyday I wake up to some new horror and bad news sweeps through my Facebook newsfeed and the internet.

Monday, I watched a friends golden retriever, and I was struck how seemingly perfect these dogs are and then I started thinking about perfection. Obviously golden retrievers are not the perfect dog, but they ARE close, (literally almost perfect) because they shed like crazy! It’s their big flaw. One I’m happy to live with, but a flaw nonetheless. Isn’t he great? His name is Vino and he reminds me so much of my beloved Jasper! He’s inspired my new dog sitting business out of my home! I have my first paying customer this weekend, actually! Do what you love, and all that. 🙂

There is the whole, “too much perfection” component here. In reality, nothing in this world is perfect but God, but we often try to achieve this. We cannot, and that would be boring anyway, but it got me thinking……

Hey Everyone! The weather here has once again turned cold, and I’ve once again turned into a hermit. It’s hard for me to admit that the cold keeps me home because I believe I love the seasons, but I have put my heavy clothing away, and lets be honest here……I do not want to bike in windy chilly weather with my spring coat. So, now, it’s more a, “I’m going to read in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine” mentality than an, “I’m going to sit outside at a cafe and read with a glass of wine”. Ha!

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